If you haven’t already installed Kodu, remember that you will need to in order to play this world.
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Twinkle v05

by MrBraun
Mar 15, 2017 3:51 PM
GOAL: <kodu> <actuator.shoot2> <modifier.projectile.blip> to boom <pushpad> Using <sensor.microbit> <filter.microbit.tilt> to move, <sensor.microbit> . Use button [A] to jump, and Button [B] to <actuator.shoot>. Using <keyboard> / <mouse>, move using <keyboard> <filter.ArrowKeys> , <keyboard> [space] to jump, <mouse> <filter.mouse.button.left> to <actuator.shoot2> Using <gamepad> , move using <ls> , [ B] Button to jump, [A] button to <actuator.shoot2> Watch the <sensor.microbit> Display or <kodu> Say a message when a <modifier.projectile.blip> hits <kodu> or <pushpad>.